Hansen Well Service

We have been in the water well industry since 1926 when my Great Grandfather bought a home built rig and drilled his first well with his two sons (Ralph Sr. and William Hansen).

Hansen Well Service is committed to the customer service and quality that only a small family owned company can provide. Along with quality we provide the versatility of a larger corporation. Our expertise lies in groundwater. We have thousands of hours of experience in all types of domestic and environmental water well applications. Our personnel is highly trained in all operations and we have the latest technology in pumping and monitoring systems. If you have a project that requires top quality, we are absolutely the best in the industry.

What makes us the go to company:

  • We have been drilling wells in the Santa Barbara, Ventura & Los Angeles Counties for nearly 100 years.
  • We are family-owned, and have three generations on staff.
  • We have extensive experience in drilling, including Air Rotary, Air/Foam Rotary, Mud Rotary, Auger drilling, Casing Advance, Bucket Auger Drilling, Directional and Horizontal Drilling.
  • Our depth capacity is in excess of 2000’, and we can install up to 20" casing (larger under special circumstances).
  • We are full-service from start to finish: Feasibility studies, site prep, drilling, testing, pump installation and hook up, water treatment and site clean up.
  • We work for homeowners, associations, golf courses, ranchers, municipal water companies, oil companies, city, county, state and federal agencies.
  • We install and maintain water treatment systems from the small household type to superfund environmental cleanup systems.
  • We have done extensive aquifer testing for sites like the Metro Rail project, bridge construction, tidal influence studies and homes and ranches all over the SoCal area
  • We have done environmental water testing at almost all the military bases in the southern California as well as the local Channel Islands.
  • We have done projects in excess of $1M and as small as $100.
  • Our knowledge and understanding of the local groundwater is exceptional and we take pride in making sure our clients are well educated about the drilling process and know what to expect before we begin drilling. We do our homework to make sure we drill successful wells for our clients.