Existing Well Requirement

A valid permit to drill, destroy, deepen, or recondition a water well is required in the County and the three cities. Permits are obtained from the EHD after submission of a completed application, plot plan, and fees. EHD staff must be present to verify proper placement of the annular seal around the well casing. Annular seals are usually placed around the top 20 feet of casing but may on occasion be placed just a few feet or as much as several hundred feet deep when required by local conditions.

Section 13750.5 of the California Water Code requires that any person digging, boring, drilling, deepening, reconditioning, or destroying a water well, cathodic protection well or monitoring well possess a C-57 Water Well Contractors License. A well permit must clearly identify the driller and C-57 contractor’s license number.

Clearance is required on water supply potability before occupancy of any parcel when building a home, installing or replacing a mobile home when the current property owner is not listed on the original well permit, or developing a spring/creek as a water supply.