Hansen Well Service has been designing and installing pump systems to meet the demands of our communities for 4 generations. We strive to make sure that weather you are watering hundreds of acres of Avocados, processing 100’s of tons of Strawberry’s or just trying to grow a couple of summer Tomato plants on your back porch that the most efficient cost effective equipment is installed to deliver the water you need. We not only research design and sell pump equipment we also have water wells and pump systems at our own homes and understand the need for reliable water supplies.

Our experience ranges from small booster pumps to help raise the pressure from your water purveyor to large industrial/commercial systems. With the vast array of pumps and controls available in the market today you can be confident that with Hansen Well Service you have chosen a Family owned company that will make sure the right system is installed. We will research and design a system that meets your exact needs and will last you for years to come. We take great pride in what we do and it shows.